Indigo Aana | Terra© Double Cup Ring
Contemporary jewellery designer from Scotland, based in Edinburgh. Unique, hand crafted, sterling silver, resin, 3D printed and cast jewellery. Collections and one of a kind, Limited edition jewellery. Stevie Adams seeks to interpret feelings of escapism and liberation by looking at nature and the natural forms around her, particularly rock formations and structures. She transcends these emotions into physical form by exaggerating shapes, creating dramatic, geometric structures and adding pops of colour using resin techniques.
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Quirky Handmade Jewellery

Terra© Double Cup Ring



Double Cup Ring.

Geometric, domed shapes made from copper which I then reticulate sterling silver on top of, creating a unique, frosted effect. (Reticulation creates a lovely textured effect. I melt the silver onto the copper and continue to heat further to create this unique, finished result – Please note that the copper may not be fully covered by the silver, however that is all part of the effect). These geometric ‘cups’ are then filled with a hand mixed, coloured resin and some 24ct goldleaf. They are finished with a 2mm thick, sterling silver ring shank.

These geometric cups measure approx. 1cm – 1 1/2cm in diameter.

This idea stemmed from a college project ‘Planet Earth’. I broke down the shape of our planet, giving it uneven edges reflecting the damage we are causing Earth. The vibrant colours and goldleaf have been added to contrast this destruction concept by reflecting the natural beauty our planet holds and how precious our home truly is. (You can find my blog here on the final piece I created using this college brief).

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