Indigo Aana | Frosted Sora Pendant
Contemporary jewellery designer from Scotland, based in Edinburgh. Unique, hand crafted, sterling silver, resin, 3D printed and cast jewellery. Collections and one of a kind, Limited edition jewellery. Stevie Adams seeks to interpret feelings of escapism and liberation by looking at nature and the natural forms around her, particularly rock formations and structures. She transcends these emotions into physical form by exaggerating shapes, creating dramatic, geometric structures and adding pops of colour using resin techniques.
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Quirky Handmade Jewellery


Frosted Sora Pendant

£20.00 £15.00

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Similar to the Sora pendant, Frosted Sora is hand cut, sanded, filed and polished Copper. Frosted Sora is then scored and folded adding beautiful depth to the piece. To finish, a layer of sterling silver is reticulated over the top to give it the stunning, frost-looking finish with some patination on the back from the silver also! Each one is slightly unique to the next as reticulation works differently each time.

Pendant measures approx. 20mm-23mm and hangs from an 18″ sterling silver chain.



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